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Our Commitment

Steward's Progress is committed to helping families align their resources with their family mission. We act as a guide for the family on their financial journey, assembling good counsel around them to facilitate wise decision making.

Through our consultative stewardship process, we help direct the efforts of all professionals working with the family in an objective, coordinated, and consultative manner. Through this consultative stewardship process, we align objectives among the professionals, avoid costly mistakes, and ultimately achieve the family's objectives.


Gisle Sorli

Gisle is passionate about coming alongslde families on their financial journey. He is dedicated in helping them align their resources with their mission.  By asking good questions, listening and creative planning he spurs families on to make decisions and plans that will have good long-term outcomes.

Gisle holds a bachelor's degree in finance, a master's degree in international business and a master's in business administration from Boston University. He is also a designated Certified Financial Planner, CFP® and a Certified Kingdom Advisor®, CKA.

Gisle is married to Melanie. He met his wife at Boston University, where they both studied as undergraduates. They currently reside in Alexandria, Virginia, where they are raising their three boys, Elias, Micah and Jonathan.